About Us

Established in 1985, Back to the Drawing Board Signs brings a level of passion to artistic signage seen nowhere else. Working in a wide array of mediums and materials, they're known for taking on challenging projects most larger sign companies wouldn't touch. 

Utilizing a unique combination of whimsy, custom design, engineering and skills dedicated to creating wonderful art - and their uncompromising commitment to excellence - Kat and Barry have achieved a recognition not usually reserved for those in the sign business. 

Many of their projects have appeared in San Francisco art and travel books, as well as local newspaper and national television shows, including American Idol; South Park; The Amazing Race; and Big Places, Small Spaces.

Barry Forman

Barry  Forman was born in New York, attended Brooklyn Tech and Buffalo College  before backpacking around the planet for over a decade, ultimately  arriving in California where he met Kat.

Kathleen Wilson


Kat is a San Francisco native and a graduate of the Academy of Art University. She is driven by her passion for characterizing any inanimate object or being into lovable icons.